Impact takes a Community

In 2015, we had the opportunity to invest in a unique property in East Austin. Our vision was to build a space that would become home for Austin’s social innovation ecosystem.

We wanted to help social ventures and nonprofits scale their impact – and recognized that the cost of real estate was an obstacle. We resolved to create more affordable space for Austin’s changemakers.



In 2018, we launched the Center for Social Innovation, a campus in East Austin for companies and nonprofits that are making a difference. Today the CSI is home dozens of impact organizations, including the Austin AIDS Alliance, College Forward, Latinitas and Deeds not Words.

The CSI includes a 5,050 square foot meeting space that hosts events, such as the Impact Track during Austin Startup Week.

Relay Coworking is a space within CSI designed for individuals and small teams working on social change. When Relay launches in early 2019, it will be home to startup accelerators, nonprofits, foundations and more.


What Relay Means

The word relay means the transfer of information over an interwoven network. At Relay Coworking, the network is our community of members. We are woven together by our desire to make a difference.

Relay is a community designed to enable scalable, sustainable impact.

Whether you just launched a nonprofit or are growing a social impact venture, you have a place in our community. Join us to collaborate, create and inspire the change we want to see in the world!


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