We believe making a difference requires a community.

That’s why when we first started down this road in 2015, we asked ourselves how we could help scale and sustain more social ventures and nonprofits through an immersive, cause-based community. Later this idea would become Relay Coworking.

Relay means the transfer of information amplified over an interwoven network. The network is our community of members that share something important in common - they are all working together to make a greater impact.

Whether you just started a nonprofit or are getting your social venture off the ground, we bring you together with others to collaborate, create and inspire the change you want to see in the world.

We know how hard it can be to create impact without the right resources or connections. That's why it is in our DNA to provide socially minded organizations with educational programs, funding resources, support systems, and the best impact-minded network around.


Relay Coworking is located at the Center for Social Innovation, the center of gravity for social impact in Austin. Operated by Notley, an organization that leverages entrepreneurial and business principles to achieve large scale community impact, the Center for Social Innovation is a 15-building campus in East Austin for socially innovative nonprofits.

This community is embarking on a new approach to philanthropy and impact. One that is about scalability, sustainability, new types of funding sources, iteration, experimentation and continuous improvement.

We call it Social Innovation Capital® - financial, human and knowledge capital that fuels the future of community impact. We are developing a roadmap for how to build Social Innovation Ecosystems that is being applied first in our hometown of Austin, and will scale to communities across the U.S. and the world.

Ready to make your impact?