Community Highlight: Girls Auto Clinic


Did you know that there are 1.4 million more women than men with driver’s licenses and women are the decision makers in 85% of auto sales? Yet surveys show that women are far less comfortable or  confident when it comes to automotive maintenance and repairs.

Girls Auto Clinic is on a bold mission to change that, by educating and empowering women through their cars. Girls Auto Clinic is a woman-owned and operated business that offers automotive buying and repair resources, products, and services based on trust, education, inclusion, and empowerment.

The project began when founder Patrice Banks, who didn’t know anything about her car and felt intimidated by the industry’s technical jargon, decided to become a certified automotive technician (or a “sheCANic”), host auto-workshops for women and girls in the Philadelphia area, and open the The Girls Auto Clinic Repair Center -- her first auto shop in Philadelphia, complete with the adjacent Clutch Beauty Bar for women to get their mani/pedis or blowouts while they’re waiting for that oil change or tire rotation.

Girls Auto Clinic is expanding to innovative and progress- oriented cities all over the country in order to empower women to take their own automotive needs into their own hands- and Austin is one of those cities.

Girls Auto Clinic is a perfect example of impact-minded small businesses in Austin that could benefit from the community of shared resources and collaboration taking shape at Relay Coworking,  the new coworking space for impactful organizations opening this fall at The Center for Social Innovation.  

As part of our Relay Coworking community profile series, we asked Jenny Busing, the COO at Girls Auto Clinic, about their mission to create impact in Austin and how they’re using the social impact ecosystem as the launchpad to expand into a new city.

How is your organization creating an impact?

Girls Auto Clinic is disrupting the automotive industry by improving the car buying and repair experience for the industry's #1 customer: women.  

What is your approach to achieving the greatest impact?

We educate women through our car care workshops, The Girls Auto Clinic Glovebox Guide by Patrice Banks, and our #sheCANic community of over- a private facebook group of 8000+ women where they can ask questions about their cars and have them answered by a community of female mechanics. We also recruit and employ female mechanics (sheCANics) for our repair centers who educate our clients to be smart consumers and confident drivers.  

What is your number one piece of advice to other social impact leaders?
Haha. I would tell them to listen to Dan and Lisa Graham's Change the Rules podcast.

What is a challenge your organization has faced? If applicable, how did you overcome it?

Women are underrepresented in all sectors of the automotive industry. We hear from female techs and shop for women who want to work at GAC and we look forward to employing those women as we grow nationwide. One of my favorite quotes from our founder and Chief sheCANic Patrice Banks- "People are trying to teach men in the automotive industry how to talk to women, and when they ask me what to do, I hire a woman"

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Be the fuel that drives the growth of Girls Auto Clinic!

Fund GAC’s campaign to help them grow into every city and reach each female driver with the empowering message that they can step into their confidence when it comes to all things automotive.

If you’re a woman who drives, join the SheCANic Community by Girls Auto Clinic on Facebook in order to be part of a judgment-free group of women to talk about your car-related struggles or triumphs, access resources and information and gain confidence.

Briana Loeb