Four Tips on Making a Greater Impact

Millenials are now the largest generation in the American workforce.  Research shows that millennials have high work ethic, take less time off, and crave purpose in their work.  Mission-driven values in the workplace improve employee satisfaction and retention, and more entrepreneurs than ever are developing their businesses with a strong element of social impact.  In Austin, that is more the case than ever, as the fastest growing city in our country with the  strongest job market in US.  

Sometimes, social impact can seem exclusive to large organizations or foundations. But social entrepreneurship can be accessible to anyone, whether you’re just launching something, or simply redefining how your work makes an impact.

1. Create a movement or mission that your followers believe in.

Define the social good you want to do in your community. The most genuine way to infuse your initiative with strong values is to build it into your vision as a fundamental part of your brand’s foundation. Adding a charitable afterthought won’t attract an aligned audience unless it is part of your company’s core mission.  Here are a few brands who are doing it right:

  • Bloom Communication is a local communications agency providing strategies specifically targeted to develop organizations that make an impact on their communities. Not only does Bloom support several local, regional, national, and international causes, they value community growth and strive to make an impact with the work they do.
  • EcoRise, a school-based program, inspires a new generation of leaders to design a sustainable future by empowering today’s youth to tackle real-world challenges in their schools and communities by teaching environmental literacy, social innovation and hands-on design skills.
  • Daily Greens, a local Austin green juice company, has scaled rapidly to become a national brand. It was founded  with the mission to make affordable green juice accessible to everyone. Daily Greens is driven to help everyone live their best, most healthy life, and every bottle purchased supports young women in their fight against breast cancer.

2. Be an authentic brand.

In a globalized economy, consumers and audience expect the best from the brands they support. Transparency, purpose, and commitment are more valuable to the public eye than ever before. So how can you ensure your brand is an authentic one?  First, tell a story. Genuine stories resonate with everyone, so share your passions, inspirations and your failures with your followers. When you’re telling your story, don’t be afraid to take a stand. These four companies took a stand on social  issues that mattered to them,  and it paid off.

3. Collaborate with brands who can help your mission.

Countless companies have successfully co-branded to create immense profit. The iPhone in your hand is a great example of how innovative companies have used collaboration as the keystone of great success. But how can you strategically collaborate for great results and great impact? One easy way is to  align with local colleges. Universities are wonderful breeding grounds for innovation, talent, and research. Develop meaningful partnerships with local universities to solve the challenges you’ve set out to tackle.

Another way to produce powerful collaboration is to empower existing nonprofits. Instead of recreating the wheel, team up with organizations that have already established infrastructure  in the area you wish to make the most impact. Check out some for-profit companies that have teamed up with nonprofits to maximize their social good.

4. Find an environment that fosters social innovation and collaboration

More and more research supports that coworking promotes innovation and success, and it's no wonder that coworking is on the rise. Its predicted that there will be 30,432 spaces and 5.1 million members by 2022. So if you’re looking to increase your organization’s social impact, it makes sense to do it in a climate that is geared to help you succeed.  Find coworking spaces, retail spaces, and local communities that bring together social entrepreneurs. As social impact work becomes more meaningful, so does collaboration across networks. Joining a space like the Center for Social Innovation or Relay Coworking could be the fuel that your organization needs to accelerate or launch a more maximized  impact.

In Austin’s explosive climate, it is even more important to be mindful when developing a mission that can make a larger impact. Join a community of like-minded social entrepreneurs today and surround yourself with everything you need to scale your impact. Relay Coworking is offering pre-opening pricing now through October 1st! Sign up today to get membership perks before we open our doors this fall.

Briana Loeb