On the Benefits of Coming Together For Social Entrepreneurs

Loneliness is a growing health epidemic: over 40% of adults in America have reported feeling lonely. Particularly in the workplace, loneliness affects focus and performance. But the explosion of coworking spaces in recent years has worked to combat this epidemic.

Expanding globally, there are currently 14,411 coworking spaces in the world today and projected to be over 3.8 million coworking members by 2020. Why the explosive growth? Coworking, unlike coffee shops and working from home, has the ability to foster community engagement and new creative solutions by bringing people closer together.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of coworking:

1. Community Connections

Inter- and intra-business collaboration in coworking spaces fosters an ever-present sense of creativity and community. These spaces provide opportunities for network growth and connections to crucial resources and mentors. Whether talking out an idea for a book, crunching numbers, or simply chatting, coworking encourages the dissemination of diverse ideas amongst people with unique identities and experiences.

2. Better Workplace Environment

Being surrounded by people working on their passion projects creates a palpable and motivating excitement in the workplace. Coworking enhances productivity by providing inspiration and focus and from advice from those around. Movement increases productivity as well, and innovative coworking spaces provides ample resources for small breaks throughout the day. Coming back to work after a quick stroll or breather allows for a clearer mind and new ideas.

3. Happier People

Working alone is isolating, and working in a cubicle with dingy lighting and colorless walls is depressing. Coworking spaces are open, bright, and beautiful. Desks are flexible and mobile. There are also more opportunities to gain inspiration and meet people who share your interests and values in unconventional work styles and entrepreneurship.

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Coworking spaces not only enhance productivity and create connections, but also cure the loneliness epidemic. The next time you find yourself trapped in a cubicle, think for a moment about what it’d be like if you broke away from the norm and joined a coworking space with a like-minded community that supports getting your new venture off the ground and keeps you on track with resources and amenities all at your fingertips. What sounds better?