Meet Sophie Kwok, the Woman Changing How We Relate & Love One Another

We recently caught up with Sophie Kwok, founder of Love Intently and winner of Relay Coworking's free year membership contest, to hear more about her entrepreneurial journey including advice for others following their passion and making an impact, the importance of surrounding yourself with people who support you, and staying healthy as a social impact CEO.

What is the mission behind Love Intently and what led you to build a platform around a need for stronger relationships?

Our mission is to empower millions of people to have the strong, lasting relationships they desire, starting romantically. Research shows that the quality of our relationships is the number one predictor of health. It is the most important yet under-supported part of our lives. There are tons of apps and services that help us start relationships, but very few that empower us to stay in one. We empower you by taking research-backed relationship frameworks and making it personalized and implementable day to day. 

Love Intently didn’t start with a romantic partner, but with my parents. I had a rocky relationship with my parents growing up and in learning to connect with them. I realized that our disagreements didn’t stem from a lack of love but a lack of understanding. I stumbled upon frameworks and relationship science and decided to apply the framework to my life. By better understanding how people give and receive love differently, it radically strengthened my relationship with my parents. Although there was much trial-and-error, I came to see that any relationship could benefit from intentional acts of love. The journey with my parents inspired me to help others strengthen their relationships too – paving the way for Love Intently

How are you leaving an impact as a social entrepreneurial?

Based on user feedback and community feedback, couples have reported that we have increased their relationship satisfaction and intentionality in their relationship. We had one couple report that they went from being intimate once a week to 3 times a week after using Love Intently! They aren’t alone either. There have been other testimonials just like that one. 

I’m also passionate about empowering others on their own journeys as well, both entrepreneurially and relationally. Undoubtedly, Love Intently has created impact simply through the conversations it has allowed for each day. It’s beautiful to encourage people on their own journeys of restoring their relationships with their parents, partners and other loved ones. 

What challenges have you experienced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

So many! There was a massive learning curve in the beginning in understanding the legal and business side of things. I had anxiety early on about the legal aspects of business because of the horror stories I heard. Legalese takes a lot of concentrated effort for me to understand, but I found people I could trust. It’s silly, but early on I would joke that the legal aspects of running a company alone makes me want to run and quit it all. Frankly, it was my own fears speaking and after giving myself more time to learn what I needed to, it has become just another thing I have to do. I have an unofficial “tribe of mentors” I will touch base with before making big decisions, negotiations and so much more. They have been a massive saving grace. 

On a personal level, imposter syndrome has been a massive hurdle I had to learn to throw myself over. I have since embraced being a learner rather than trying to become a knower. No matter whom I am talking to, I am on an evolving learning journey and allow myself to release the pressure of being “good or smart enough”. Surrounding myself with people who will believe in me on the days that I can’t believe in myself has changed my life. If you're going to do anything that will create a significant impact, you can't do it alone. Getting over imposter syndrome makes it easier to ask for help and enables you to build a tribe who believes in your mission too.

What is your biggest piece of advice for other social entrepreneurs operating with a bigger mission and purpose?

Always stay true to you and your mission. Losing sight of why you started will cause you to build something that you don’t want to lead. Also, know that you are your own greatest asset. Meaning, if you or your body is falling apart, your company will likely fall apart as well. None of the success matters if you aren’t alive or healthy to run the company. I have had to learn how to prioritize my health and self-care after a few major health scares in my community. A responsibility of a good CEO is remaining stable and healthy both physically and mentally. 

Bonus: Your ego is not your amigo - the inner work is JUST as important as the outer work that people can see. Ego and pride is always at the start of a fall .

How has being a woman social entrepreneur empowered and propelled you to where you are today? 

Being a minority female founder who is fiercely devoted to my mission of empowering stronger relationships has become one of my greatest strengths. When we are passionate about something, it gives others the permission to do the same. Many have told me they could see the passion behind what I do and that is why they want to support me. I learned that if I don’t believe in my idea or myself, no one else will. 

About Sophie Kwok

Sophie Kwok is the Founder of Love Intently. She is the Chief Love Enthusiast who believes relationships are the most important yet under supported part of our lives. Love Intently’s mission is to empower couples to make love work and to achieve their relationship goals. 

Before Love Intently, she was an interior designer at a global leading architecture firm specializing in hospitality. She then went on to pursue a graduate degree in Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship at Austin Center for Design. Through her research and time at AC4D, Love Intently was created. She has always had an immense passion for utilizing design and business to impact social change. If she weren't working on Love Intently, she would be seeking opportunities to make an impact with med-tech, food, refugees or fighting human trafficking.

When Sophie has a moment for a breather, she enjoys traveling, cooking, painting, and outdoor adventures! Follow Sophie on Twitter at @sophkwok and Instagram at sophie_kwok.

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