Introducing Relay Coworking: Where Texas-Sized Impact Takes Off

Relay Coworking is a new space for ambitious, no-nonsense social entrepreneurs creating scalable change in the world. 

We started by asking a simple question, "Can we scale and sustain more social ventures through an immersive, cause-based community?". That question was asked over three years ago and has since evolved to what we're proud to debut today - Relay Coworking at The Center for Social Innovation.

Relay means the transfer of information amplified over an interwoven network. The network is our community of members that share something important in common - they are all making an impact. We're looking for determined social entrepreneurs who are ready to take their idea to the next level. Whether you just started developing a cause-based application or are in the middle of raising capital, we surround you with everything you need to scale and be successful.

We know how hard it can be to create impact without the right resources or connections. That's why it is in our DNA to provide great teams with educational programs, capital resources, entrepreneurial support systems, and the best impact-minded network around. 

Shared Purpose In One Place

Communities have impact when collaboration and shared resources are in close proximity. At Relay, we’re cultivating a culture and environment rooted in life-changing outcomes, and because of that, we believe in bringing together perspectives, backgrounds and skillsets that are different.

Ideas will be challenged and made better. Entrepreneurs will be empowered through education and new insights. 

It's rare to find a coworking community where sustainable, cause-based companies scale and sustain themselves easily. That's because social entrepreneurship is really hard and has been since the beginning. We're here to offer some relief. 

At the Center of Impact Education

While we love talking about collaboration (and there will be tons of it at Relay and The Center for Social Innovation), training and supporting social entrepreneurs is a big part of our mission too. The issue with cause-based work is that education and training on social issues isn't accessible to most entrepreneurs. We believe the biggest way to improve this is simply by bringing the entrepreneurs together with the nonprofit leaders, who are experts in the issues.  

Nonprofit organizations like Austin Buchan's College Forward and Wendy Davis' Deeds Not Words will intermix directly with entrepreneurs working in areas like education and activism. The entire campus is about empowering nonprofits to be more innovative while also training social entrepreneurs on the issues and how best to address them. It's a two-way street and everyone benefits.  

Change the Rules. Change the World.

Operated by Notley, the catalyst for social innovation, Relay joins Notley's ecosystem of social impact initiatives dedicated to making Austin the Social Innovation Capital™ of the world.

To start, we will be working with The Center for Social Innovation, Techstars Impact, and Capital Factory this October to host the Austin Startup Week Impact Track. Taking place October 1-5, Austin Startup Week is a week-long event celebrating Austin startups where organizations and startups open their doors, put on events and roll out the red carpet for both locals and visitors alike who are interested in learning more about the startup scene in Austin. We couldn’t be more excited to kick-off our first year welcoming Austin’s startup community into our doors to talk all things impact.

We're also offering site tours of Relay Coworking and The Center for Social Innovation every Tuesday and Thursday. Contact us to schedule a tour. 

Ready to make an impact? Join us.

We offer three types of membership including General Memberships, Dedicated Desks, and Private Studios so you can pick the best fit for you.

Apply now to become a member or say hello at to learn more about our community.

Katrina Tolentino